Mary Engel at Marcia Wood

Marcia Wood Gallery presents “Rabbits and Wolves,” by Mary Engel. Rabbits and wolves as well as dogs, bears, cats and a squirrel are among the new menagerie by Mary Engel. Engel has devoted most of her sculptures to the representation of dogs, although over the years there have also been some horses and cats, and a rare number of human figures. The current expansion into other animals reflects expansions as well of both techniques and imagery. Constellation and land maps, animal and floral prints, cave paintings, old valentines, the artists’ favorite book of fables given to her by her grandmother, saints cards, text from poetry, the IChing and children’s stories are used to create wall pieces that combine a 2-dimensional surface and imagery with 3-dimensional objects.

The imagery and sculptural forms derive from myths, fables and archetypal memories. The cross cultural passing down of stories and images are of interest to Engel, for the rich imagery and range of artifacts that have been created, as well as the concept of memory. Layers of objects and layers of imagery conceal and reveal themselves in the sculptures, as do layers of meaning and memory carry throughout history into our current culture and daily experiences.

Through Feb. 19.

Marcia Wood Gallery
263 Walker Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

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