Dale Inglett at Twin Kittens

PATRIARCHS | MATRIARCHS, Dale Inglett’s first solo show in Atlanta, includes videos, paintings and prints, all of which are abstractions of photographs from the turn of the previous century.

Inglett shares, “This body of work stems from an investigation of photographs of my ancestors. Using these as source images for paintings, video and prints, I attempt to challenge the fixed quality that photos seem to attach to identity, and to get at something more ineffable than likenesses. The works present, instead, the ever-shifting nature of identity. We change with every breath. I’m replacing the “proof” presented in photos with a reimagining, a fiction, the unknown.”

Printmaking processes were used to create the footage for the video Patriarch, Matriarch, yielding both prints and video that are included in the exhibition. The content of the video work is ephemeral and fluctuating. The images dissolve and continually shift, indicating the mutable, transformable nature of identity. The prints serve as artifacts of the process and as a crystallization of the fleeting activity captured in the video.

While the video work remains elusive, the paintings build on the patterns and reticulations of fluidly painted surfaces. Faces and features are solidified in these, showing men and women in the agricultural south of the past. Dale continues, “I hope viewers feel some of the same fascination I do with these images and how they play with perception: I’m drawn in by the illusory quality of representation in some places, and simultaneously kept out by the abstractions. I’m deeply interested in what happens when you push a material toward its limits: the unanticipated, experimental and phenomenal aspects of the media.”

The pairing of individuals with these fleeting and material qualities of the media alludes to human transformation, transience and passing. While informational aspects of historical photographs are diminished, relationships and family are emphasized. In images of individuals and couples, the compositions contrast their internal lives with the larger, more continuous force of time.

Through April 6.

Twin Kittens Gallery
1016 Howell Mill Rd. Unit 3208
Atlanta, GA 30318
(Free parking on 10th Street. Gallery entrance on 10th Street)

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