Hailey Lowe at Archetype

Hailey Lowe presents her most current investigation into the seen and unseen boundaries of our cultural landscape in Machines of Loving Grace. Lowe’s examination pursues the pervasive and subversive uses of technology, as it readily improves our cultural experience and simultaneously encroaches on nature. She brings these elements together in a direct conversation with one another- a meeting/standoff as to who will become extinct? Lowe poses these questions and asks us to participate in the forming of morality, as to what or who will survive. Machines of Loving Grace investigates the breakdown between natural and man-made confines.

These man-made boundaries include the implied and physical walls we build, as a culture, society, and individuals. “What makes something worth hiding, limiting, worth building walls for?”-Lowe. These walls, over time, often become irrelevant, erased and withered. Lowe uses time as a medium, to show the transient within the absolute convictions of censorship. What was once absolute becomes superseded. Lowe requires the viewer to participate in this cultural experiment, without posing any predetermined outcomes.

—Christopher Hutchinson

Hailey Lowe at Archetype
Hailey Lowe at Archetype

Through Jan. 23

Archetype Gallery
Studioplex Lofts
659 Auburn Ave. #124
Atlanta, Ga.

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