Conversions, Evolutions, and Turning Points

Co-curators Brian Steele and Seana Reilly show me around the Conversions, Evolutions, and Turning Points exhibition, at SCAD’s Dewberry Gallery in Atlanta through Feb. 11, 2011.

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“A group exhibition with work by Morgan Alexander, Zach Friedline, Tijana Graham, Joe Karg, Shaun McCallum, Seana Reilly, Brian Steele, and Whitney White, which speaks to the inevitability of change. The exhibition encourages viewers to consider their own accountability, participation in and response to the forced maturation of a society.”

One thought on “Conversions, Evolutions, and Turning Points

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about the show, and thank you to all the artists that are participating. FYI it’s been extended until Feb 11, so come on by and check it out in person.

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