The Creatives Project’s “JUNG at HeART”

The Creatives Project (TCP) announces the inaugural fundraiser for its outreach initiative, The Creative Community Housing Project (CCHP). A non-profit organization, CCHP will provide housing and financial support to creatives, while pioneering community and social responsibility, and encouraging creativity and growth through the arts and arts education.

The February 4th benefit, entitled “JUNG at HeART” will be the first of many to support CCHP’s goals. Featuring the collaboration of revered artists Fahamu Pecou and Bethany Marchman as photographed by Neda Abghari, “JUNG at HeART”, a play on the phrase “young at heart,” infuses the three artists’ exploration of psychological and sociological conditioning as conveyed in the research and writings of psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung.

Marchman’s beautiful exploration of the internal child as an adult Jungian archetype compliments and contrasts Pecou’s witty critique of adult males: the external child trapped in a second childhood. Using Neda Abghari’s camera as a bridge, Bethany Marchman and Fahamu Pecou both interpret and examine various aspects of Jungian Theory. The three artists, through varied approaches and points of view, meet at a crossroads of shared sentiments and bring with them a host of loyal and diverse family, friends and fans.

This exhibition marks the first collaborative effort by these three dynamic and respected artists. Each has developed solid individual reputations through their craft. Their union represents an unprecedented fusion of Atlanta’s art community and truly reflects how diverse groups can come together to expand boundaries as well as minds.

King Plow Event Gallery
887 West Marietta St.
Atlanta, Ga.

The Creatives Project's "JUNG at HeART"
The Creatives Project's "JUNG at HeART"

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