Art and Censorship: David Wojnarowicz’s “A Fire in My Belly” Screening & Panel Discussion

Emory University presents a special screening of films concerning the recent censorship controversy surrounding the exhibition “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture” at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. The screening will include David Wojnarowicz’s “A Fire in My Belly,” plus supplemental footage of ACT UP in Atlanta from 1990, and Wojnarowicz’s “ITSOFOMO.” The screening will be followed by a panel discussion on art censorship, public policy and artistic freedom, and the latest chapter in the so-called culture wars concerning religion and sexuality.

Emory is pleased to present this screening and discussion in solidarity with other institutions throughout the world that are hosting events surrounding the removal of David Wojnarowicz’s film “A Fire in My Belly,” as chronicled on HIDESEEK.ORG.

Featuring commentary by:
Rebecca Dimling Cochran, ArtsCriticATL
Andy Ditzler, Frequent Small Meals
Jason Francisco, Emory Visual Arts Department
Joey Orr, Emory Visual Scholarship Initiative
Michael Rooks, High Museum of Art

White Hall 208, Emory University

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