“The Contemporary Figure” at Swan Coach House

On Thursday, March 3 the Swan Coach House Gallery and the Forward Arts Foundation will open to the public the exhibition “The Contemporary Figure: New Trends in Painting and Sculpture”. In our continuing mission to feature the best artists working in Georgia and the Southeast, all these artists live and work in the area of Atlanta and Athens. The “Contemporary Figure” will focus on thirteen artists who work with the figure in a narrative context. The participating artists are Meg Aubrey, Scott Belville, Dawn Davis, Debra Fritts, Craig Hawkins, Jennifer Hartley, Tony Hernandez, Stefanie Jackson, Brett Osborn, Art Rosenbaum, Terry Rowlett, Suzy Schultz, and Kirsten Stingle.

“This exhibition explores the significance of the figure in telling a story or describing a state of being”, says Marianne Lambert, the show’s curator. “Subject matter runs from the symbolic recreation of childhood experiences to adult apathy in suburbia. Some of the paintings are tongue-in-cheek references to past forms of figurative painting while one artist refers to the figure in a very contemporary way by practically eliminating its image.” These artists embrace the human figure as a primary vehicle for conveying their social or personal concerns. All of them skillfully present their work in a realistic manner, but in a way that speaks to more than just the figure. Each artist is telling a story allegorically and/or theatrically through the use of the figure and the context in which it is placed. Some pieces are richly rendered with elements that suggest further meaning, while some are more directly narrative. All of them transcend the obvious, and speak to the soul as well as the intellect.

The Swan Coach House is administered by The Forward Arts Foundation which supports the visual arts community in Atlanta.

Through April 16.

Swan Coach House Gallery
3130 Slaton Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

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