“Interbeast” at Young Blood

Featuring: El Kamino, Nick Kuszyk, Chip7, Future Colors of America, Parskid

Nick Kuszyk is a NYC artist known for his colorful and elaborate robot-themed works. His style, while unmistakable, has drawn comparisons to Keith Haring and Bosch. Kuszyk has made a substantial mark in the art world in recent years: as a Williamsburg street artist and painter, a collaborator with Banksy, the recipient of a fellowship from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and as the author and illustrator of “R.Robot Saves Lunch”, a children’s book published by Penguin in 2009.

El Kamino, previously known as Elk, is a painter whose work is distinctively informed by the techniques he has honed throughout his years as a graffiti artist. Or perhaps it is the other way around, and his rich, textural style accelerated his success in the realm of street art. Fellow Richmond graffiti artist and founder of Born Ugly Magazine Michael Broth says of El Kamino, “…he’s the only person who I’ve ever seen use spray paint and paint like a painter does…lay down layers and build stuff up. An incredibly talented person in general.” As of late, El Kamino has been exhibiting his paintings across the US in galleries such as Flatcolor in Seattle, Zakka in New York City, and Eye Level Art in Charleston.

Parskid “combines fantasy and street art to create his own world filled with vibrant colors and unusual creatures”. Parskid was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where he drew inspiration from his childhood, the weather, nature, fantasy and folklore. He experiments with paint, plush and digital mediums. His work has been exhibited in many cities in the United States including Seattle, LA and NYC and abroad in Australia, Taiwan, Spain and the UK.

Future Colors of America are Albert Reyes, Matt Furie, and Aiyana Udesen, three California-based artists whose collaborative drawing and illustration work was recently described as having “a DIY sensibility, illustrative aesthetic, and fuck-all attitude who’s charmingly hilarious pop commentary is indicative of something we don’t feel comfortable defining… we for one hope that these truly are the future colors of America, at the very least we’ll settle for them being the future colors of the Bay Area” (Hi-Fructose Magazine, July 2010). Reyes, Furie, and Udesen are all accomplished artists in their own right, and together they form a trifecta that has been the subject of national attention, gathering acclaim from the likes of Juxtapoz, Fecal Face, Format, and Hi-Fructose. The Future Colors have had solo exhibitions in San Francisco at Giant Robot and Fecal Face Gallery.

Chip 7 is a rising star in the urban contemporary art scene, described by famed New York City artist ZEPHYR as “a visionary. He makes visionary art. What exactly that means to me is that he culls his ideas from the rawest place where the purest inspiration comes from; the internal core located at the center of us all.” Chip refined his style as a graffiti artist and painter while assisting the renowned artist Dalek, and in recent years he has shifted his focus to developing his studio work, creating “brightly colored confessions of a clutter-brain through science fiction psychedelic fantasy” (Juxtapoz).

Through March 27.

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