Michael Scoggins at Saltworks

Michael Scoggins gave an artist talk about his show “Family Values” at Saltworks Gallery last Saturday. The show is up through March 19.

(27 minutes)

YouTube version.

“Scoggins explores the medium of paper, revealing its sculptural potential and visceral qualities evoked by its familiarity and makeshift plasticity. From his signature large-scale installation drawings of paper cut and lined to mimic the pages ripped from a notebook, Scoggins enters a new realm. A new series of intimately-scaled works on archival paper, with an aesthetic and temporality more akin to common newsprint and butcher’s paper, Scoggins embeds terminology found in the political arena, with black charcoal and a heavy stroke. Visualizing the ability of language to project ideas, and how words can create or loss meaning through use. Scoggins describes the work as follows: ‘The words have great meaning but that meaning has been diminished. I try to physically show this through abusing the paper and the words. Newsprint and Butcher’s paper is also disposable so these words are also placed in a fragile situation. They are in constant peril of losing their true meaning.'”

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