Jiovnni Tallington at Studioplex

Atlanta-based sculptor, Jiovnni Tallington, will publicly submit his request to be accepted into the burgeoning art scene of the South. His submission: STAMMER, a solo exhibition opening at Studioplex’s suite 143 gallery space.

Tallington, an up and coming sculptor/illustrator, has embarked upon a path to fuse objects fashioned by Western principles with the ideologies of Eastern commodities. STAMMER is informed by the artist’s local upbringing coupled with experiences from recent travel abroad to Yokohama, Japan.

Through choice of material, Tallington recreates a codependent relationship similar to that of the current global market. The artist reintroduces antiquated metals with the delicacy of handcrafted porcelain vessels. His uses of contrasting materials fabricate an imaginary dialog between each work of art. These physical juxtapositions offer each individual viewer the possibility of becoming engrossed by an intertwining narrative.

659 Auburn Avenue N.E. Suite 143
Atlanta, GA 30312

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