Müth at Cornbred

Cornbred Gallery hosts an opening reception for Müth, a visiting artist from Los Angeles.

From Müth’s artist statement: “My work is about existing in the moment. It is ephemeral. I believe that art can happen anywhere at anytime. Rice thrown on church stairs as a random wedding is where the thinking of my work exists. It’s rare that my works hang in galleries and I only sell them to get funding for the next leg of my art tour. I created Müth as an escape from my true reality and identity. I dropped out of art school and began train hopping to experience the fullness in life. It can become too much to live in LA sometimes, a cartoon world of human reality. The fame and glam is overwhelming to the fragile. The hustle, the come up and we all want to get over. It is all too easy. I have chosen to live as Müth and to make art that may or may not see the light of day.”

Cornbred Gallery

968-b Memorial Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

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