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Since 2007 I’ve been documenting the art community around Atlanta as a service to the city’s visual art ecology. Art Relish continues to improve in quality and coverage, while traffic and attention keeps going up. That growth requires a substantial investment of both money and time. From the feedback I’ve gotten, and the ever-increasing visits, video views, and fan growth, I can see that you find value in the site too.

The Internet allows us to reach beyond the confines of geography. Art made in Atlanta has been seen by people in at least 39 countries around the world at a location they choose. In an effort to reach people where they are, Art Relish videos can be embedded by anyone anywhere. In addition to Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, I’ve recently launched a channel on the Roku and Sony internet video players and I’ve begun submitting work to the Internet Archive. Last year I began live streaming events and recording art lectures around town. Art Relish has come a long way from its earliest incarnation as a simple visual art calendar.

It is particularly important to me to facilitate direct interactions among the public, artists and art. Why do people make things? What is an artist’s motivation? Where does it all come from? I’m intrigued by the human compulsion to create something, anything, as a means of self-expression and the community that exists to support that work. And I like to hear it directly from those most closely involved, the makers and supporters themselves. There is an endless variety of opinions about everything in the world, with exponential magnification made possible by the Web. We need more original, first-person accounts of why, when, where and how. The video format that Art Relish most often works in is easily consumed, relatable and shareable. This benefits art and artists by getting them out of a closed system and into the public realm. It doesn’t get much more public than everywhere, all the time.

Now I’m asking for your help. If you find value in Art Relish, please consider making a donation via Paypal. Any amount is appreciated and will help to cover costs.  There are also a variety of sponsorship options including the banners at right, as well as video pre-roll placements that will travel with the videos wherever they end up. I’d like to talk with you about recording your events or creating some other original piece. If there’s something specific that you’d like to see more or less of, some other contribution that you’d like to make, or another way that Art Relish can be of service, I am all ears. I love feedback.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to continuing to bring you stories about art to relish.



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