“Looking Back, Trudging Forward” at B-Complex

Looking Back Trudging Forward is an event exhibition presenting 14 artists selected from various cities, working in disciplines ranging from painting, photography and sculpture to performance, installation and sound. The exhibition seeks out commentary regarding dramatic changes in both social and economic climates that profoundly affect the work and practice of each artist.

Looking Back, Trudging Forward offers a general theme in which the contributing artists have been encouraged to explore, observe and produce work derived from their personal and/or researched history. One of the artists featured in Looking Back, Trudging Forward is internationally acclaimed photographer Jack Mitchell. Fifteen of Mitchell’s original photographs from his private collection will be on view (many formerly unpublished) including, Andy Warhol and Jane Forth, 1970.

The artists were selected based on their experimentation, collaboration and exploration within their personal artistic methods during difficult socioeconomic times.

Every artist in the exhibition has pushed the boundaries of fine art and has agreed to come to Atlanta for this inaugural event. This is an exhibition, a happening not to be missed.

Contributing artists include:

  • Jack Mitchell, Photographer, New York
  • Mutt (Kojo Griffin), Painter, mixed media, Atlanta
  • Bryce Hammond, Painter, mixed media, Atlanta
  • Kimberly Mayhorn, Multi media, installation, performance, New York
  • Jessica Care Moore. Multi media, installation, poet, performance, Detroit
  • David Isenhour. Sculptor, painter. Atlanta
  • Craig Highberger, Documentary film maker. Birmingham
  • Erin McIntosh, Paper works, painter, Atlanta
  • Montalfish (Co-composers Christian Montalbano and Colleen Fisher), Composer, sound installation, performance, New York
  • Wanda Ortiz, Painter, muralist, illustrator, endurance performance, New York
  • Aubrey Longley-Cook, Embroidery, animation, mixed media, Atlanta
  • Marcia Jones, Performance, mixed media, Atlanta
  • Chad Johnson, Painting, installation, Birmingham

1272 Murphy Ave. SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

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