“Paint by Numbers” at Granite Room

One night only, a group of sixteen emerging Atlanta artists exhibit new work in the exhibition Paint by Numbers: Systematic Structures and Images.

The exhibition coincides with Castleberry Hill’s March Art Stroll, and opens Friday, March 11, at 7:00 pm at the Granite Room. Paint By Numbers showcases printmaking, sculpture, photography, and performance-based works that explore visual representations of instructional and participatory systems.

The childhood pastime of painting by numbers is an apt metaphor for the state and structure of modern society. Paint By Numbers aims to reconnect us with ourselves and our environments by systematically deconstructing and reconstructing our world. Literal and metaphoric interpretations of the theme represent the diversified approaches and uniqueness of each individual artist represented.

Artists featured include Johnnie B, Elizabeth Bailey Christenbury, Michelle Cornelison, Kelly Gilmore, Kathryn Hartmann, Sarah Howerter, Natalie Hudson, Joseph Karg, Connor Kirk, Mina Majest, Curtis James Miller, Kevin O’Kelley, Nathan Sharratt, Shannon Slane, Janie Stamm, Kelli Ulmer, and Christopher Wright.

The Granite Room
211 Peters Street
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 221-0201

One thought on ““Paint by Numbers” at Granite Room

  1. Be My Blood Brother

    As part of the Paint By Numbers group show, I will be performing, “Be My Blood Brother,” a participatory visual art experience.

    Nathan Sharratt’s latest public injunction, Blood Brothers, invites viewers to participate in the time-honored ritual of bonding by blood. Sharratt will present several ingredients for a traditional entertainment-centric blood analog, conspicuously combine them and apply the solution to a dull knife blade. The viewer and the artist will then commence with the ritual action of palm cutting and clasping, exploring the impact of constructed versus biological bonds.

    Each Brother will receive a certificate of Brotherhood and be included into that performance’s Family Tree.

    Images of a previous Blood Brothers performance may be found at http://nathansharratt.blogspot.com/2011/03/be-my-blood-brother-march-3-2011.html

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