Megan Daloz at MudFire

Field Studies, a solo exhibition by studio potter Megan Daloz, opens at MudFire Gallery on March 19th. Field studies traditionally address many different types of behavior, including social behavior, mating systems, sheltering and feeding habits, predator-prey relationships, migration, and navigation. This exhibit is as much a field study of Megan Daloz, the potter, as it is an illustrated clay document of her studies of the natural and urban world.

Megan Daloz studied glassmaking and ceramics at Alfred University, and is currently a studio potter and a full-time commercial illustrator. She lives in Atlanta and is a resident artist and instructor at MudFire Clayworks.

Daloz’s clay work is painstakingly decorated with images of bees, weeds, mopeds, minotaurs and other creatures one frequently encounters in an urban setting. Recorded and rendered with the practiced eye of a naturalist, the images together produce a curious and splendidly illustrated collage of modern life. Individually, her pieces capture the un-affected essence of free-range dinosaurs, cage-free weasels, and a profusion of botanicals. To say nothing of the mycological fascinations!

Daloz’s drawing style follows the pre-eminent stylistic and contextual footsteps of early naturalist illustrators. Unfortunately, early naturalists faced many obstacles in their attempts to document the flora and fauna they observed. They often lacked fresh specimens, had use of only primitive printing techniques, and in some cases, suffered from overactive imaginations! Free of all such hindrances, comfortably ensconced in the studio, armed with but a laptop and raw talent, Megan quietly observes images of her subjects in the wild urbs. She then faithfully renders her species and varietals to expertly thrown pottery, deftly executed in white stoneware and decorated with jewel-toned glazes. Her work is functional, fun and scientific. It helps to reveal the habits and habitats of various organisms present in their natural surroundings.

Through April 16.

MudFire Gallery
175 Laredo Drive
Decatur, GA 30030.

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