“Race*Sex*Politics*Religion… What not to talk about” at Emory

When artist and curator Larry Jens Anderson first moved from the Midwest to the Deep South, natives informed him of the four subjects to avoid in polite conversation: race, sex, politics and religion. Years later, these subjects have migrated from Anderson’s imagination into a provocative exhibit intended to inspire open conversations, “Race*Sex*Politics*Religion…What not to talk about,” on view March 16-April 16, 2011 at Emory University’s Visual Arts Gallery.

Funded by a prestigious grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation and originally presented by Space One Eleven in Birmingham to great acclaim and large crowds, Emory University will be the second venue for this exhibit, which includes works from Radcliffe Bailey, Thornton Dial, Fehamu Pecou, and Kara Walker.

The exhibit is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the National Performance Network’s Visual Artists Network (VAN) and Space One Eleven. Emory University sponsors include: Friends of Emory Visual Arts, the Department of Religion, the Department of Art History, the Department of Women’s Studies, the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts, the Department of Sociology, the Office of Community and Diversity, the Center for Creativity & Arts, and the Race & Difference Initiative.

Mary Catherine Johnson, Assistant Director of the Visual Arts Program, says the exhibit will be used as a catalyst for discussions among faculty and students. “The fact that so many departments and initiatives are sponsoring it is a testimony that people want to have these conversations, and the academy is exactly the place where these conversations should happen—the very structure of Emory’s departments and curricula supports and inspires these conversations.”

Curator’s talk at 6:30 p.m.

Through April 16.

Emory University Visual Arts Gallery
700 Peavine Creek Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322

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