Boom! at Picaflor

Boom! is a collection of art by young artists whose work represents what it means to live in a culture created and dominated by multiple “bubble and bust” cycles. Curated by Casey Lynch, the majority of the work in this show has been made since the latest bust, that of the Real Estate Boom, by artists who are members of the generations which came after the Baby Boomers.

The artists in this show deal with their existence in this undulating web in various ways with myriad foci. In an effort to coalesce our apparently schizophrenic and de-centered existence, the works included have been chosen as a path through which one may examine our contemporary relationships with (new) media, simulation, desire, (self-asserted) worth, labor, and sustainability as markers of existence; identities which may be rejected and/or embraced.

Artists include: Jeanie Jo (LA), Quint Stevenson (Bkyln), Joseph Karg (Atl), Lance Turner (Atl), Damien Hirst (UK), The Art Officials (Atl), Nimer Aleck (Atl), and Maria Raquel Cochez (Atl), and Cooper Holoweski (Bklyn).

Picaflor Studio
195 Arizona Ave
Suite 3
Atlanta, GA 30307

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