Esoteric Lore: Visual Storytelling at Auburn Ave. Research Library

Carla Aaron-Lopez talks with Taryn Lee Crenshaw and  Iman Person, two of the artists participating in Esoteric Lore: Visual Storytelling, through April 30 at the Auburn Ave. Research Library in Atlanta. There will be an opening reception tonight, March 11, from 6:30 to 9.

YouTube version.

Esoteric Lore: Visual Storytelling is a growing collective of female artists who are unearthing creative outlets to explore aspects of black womanhood. With the use of photography, mixed media production, painting, illustration, and print making techniques, we focus on the stories of a historically marginalized and minimized people. Participating artists: Corinne Stevie Francilus, Taryn Lee Crenshaw, Iman Person, Nikita Gale, Michelyah, Elizah Turner, Crystal E. Monds and Faatimah Stevens”

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  1. […] The exhibit, which runs through the month of April hopes to push the forefront for all women because even if, “you’re not a black woman doesn’t mean you can’t identify with the black woman’s story,” said Taryn Lee Crenshaw during an online interview with […]

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