Judith Segall at Archetype

The Supper Party is a continued conversation with the first generation feminists, by means of a heavy dose of humor. Judith Segall’s Supper Party offers a contemporary critique of gender and masculinity. Her latest work examines the male role today. A similar dialogue occurs in the “nude” versus “naked” discourse of Berger’s Ways of seeing. Segall examines seeing as it applies today. The gaze is no longer males objectifying females, males are now objectified as well.

Segall is a product of the “free love” era and finds this new conscious man, afraid of their own bodies, fascinating. Segall’s work is interested in posing social questions, questions about the current objectification of body conscious men. These inquiries bring about a natural discourse on patriarchal society, in which the penis is still the symbol. These Phallic symbols are used in a way that is “not erotic”, but as hieroglyphs or understood language.

Artist Talk March 26 at 1 p.m. with the Women’s Caucus

Archetype Gallery
659 Auburn Ave. #119
Atlanta, GA 30312

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