Danielle Roney at Kiang

Kiang Gallery is presents On the Edge of Self by Danielle Roney. Roney’s newest multimedia project deftly sets the stage of a poignant moment in time, a choice, “to stay or to leave”. Circumstances are deconstructed through a series of parallel, bifurcating movements in which randomization software plays a key role, allowing a third and final author to participate, beyond the artist’s creation. Roney explores the psychological space “ in between”, where hybrid identity is crystallized and personal and social identities are transformed by multicultural and virtual influences in a real-time world. This evolution centers on the fragmentation of time and place and exists simultaneously through multidimensional experiences.

Highlighting the collapse of space and time by using mechanisms of magical realism, Roney explores simultaneous exposure to the world- once magical and now virtual – in which constructed fictions and reality become permeable and interchangeable. Building on the work she did in her 2005-2208 series Genesis Trial, On the Edge of Self, is informed by and advances the artist’s six years of research into global identities and digital transcendence, formally recognizing a given hybrid social construct as the horizon of the multidimensional self that redefines civic relationships.

Danielle Roney was born in New York in 1968. She has lived and worked in Los Angeles and Beijing, and is currently based in Atlanta. Her works have been exhibited internationally including the Beijing Off-Biennale, Convergence and TEDGlobal 2005. Museums and universities exhibitions have included the Museum of Contemporary Art-Georgia, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago. Her work has been reviewed in Art in America and Contemporary Magazine, London; where she was recognized as one of the top fifty emerging international artists, 2006. Roney was the exhibition designer for the High Museum of Art, U.S. Pavilion, presented at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2010. She is currently a researcher of Salman Rushdie’s “digital borne archive” at the Manuscript, Archives and Rare Books Library at Emory University.

Kiang Gallery
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