Micah Stansell at The Window Project

The Window Project is a curated new media installation space facing the southern end of Woodruff Park from the windows of the Digital Arts Entertainment Laboratory (DAEL) located at One Park Place South. The infrastructure consists of six high definition projectors synchronized to create a rear-projection screen that stands over six feet high and spans over 80 feet in width. This new project begins April 21st, 2011 with Micah Stansell as the first of the quarterly curated artists.

DAEL is a multimillion-dollar entertainment research and production facility in the heart of downtown Atlanta on the campus of Georgia State University. Through industry and university partnerships, DAEL facilitates the creation and testing of digital media content. DAEL incubates emerging media arts businesses, trains graduate students and engages in user-centered media research.

Micah Stansell is an Atlanta-based video/filmmaker and installation artist. His work has screened in galleries, museums and film festivals across the Unites States and internationally. Stansell has received several awards for his work, including the 2010 Working Artist Project Award from the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, a Special Jury Prize for Innovative Filmmaking at the 2009 Atlanta Film Festival, and a 2008 Student Academy Award Nomination for his graduate work.

DAEL Presents: The Window Project
Located at the intersection of Park Place and Edgewood Avenue across from Woodruff Park.

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