Low Ghosts at {Poem88}

{Poem88} presents Low Ghosts, a performance and collaboration between David D’Agostino and the Atlanta Poets Group.

As a live event scheduled at {Poem 88} at Tanner Hill Gallery over a three-day period, “Low Ghosts” manifests itself as a meditation on the spectral nature of the gallery space in transition and as an intervention meant to disturb the routinely institutionalized conception of the art work as a self-contained commercial product. Working alongside David D’Agostino’s Axis Mundi images, the Atlanta Poets Group seeks to situate a decidedly ‘poetic’ event within a performance horizon that, as per Dick Higgins’ characterization of intermedia, accommodating ‘a fusion of scenario, visuality, and audio elements.’

Partly a deconstruction of the gallery environment, which inevitably privileges the visual over other modes of sensory experience, Low Ghosts aims to dislocate established habits of the art audience by insisting upon a mode of presentation at once polyphonic, fragmentary, intermedial, spontaneous, and participatory. The poets, most often performing simultaneously, circumambulate the audience while reading from short texts scattered over the gallery floor, responding to cues from a looped recording of a digitally modified human voice, and moving or even altering the artist’s visual work, eventually converging to perform a sustained burst of alexical sound poetry that then give way to the poets’ dispersal around the gallery to discrete ‘stations’ that incorporate different technological strategies to engage the audience more intimately.

By inscribing the traces of a dismantled exhibition while deploying fragmentary texts, images, and vocalizations with and against one another, the collaboration aspires to mobilize a refreshed awareness in its audience of the unsettled, ghostly character of contemporary art and its possibilities. The operative principle of liminality informs the event as a whole that can be understood as reflecting nothing less than an insistence on the breaching and rejuvenation of ‘art space’ via hybrid forms to actualize a new zone of poetic activity in the most expanded and immediate sense.

Tanner-Hill Gallery Project Space
White Provision Building
1170 Howell Mill Road Suite 111
Atlanta GA 30318

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