“Leaving Dakota” at MINT

Indie photographer and author of “Armed America,” Kyle Cassidy is re-inventing the art show with his newest masterpiece, Leaving Dakota, a collection of 4 x 6 photos packed up and sent round the world on a tour unlike any other. Leaving Dakota tells the story of young woman sucked into a mysterious world of occult and murder, but there is a catch: Kyle has left the photos un-numbered, thus leaving the linear stream of the story up to the audience. Change the order you view it and you change the story. Will the heroine escape or does she remain trapped in her world of gray skies and mystery?

Beginning in San Diego in December 2010 folks across the country have hosted Cassidy’s work in any way that they could dream from traditional gallery settings to bars, office spaces, and even one person’s garage. Now it is Atlanta’s turn to host this truly unique experience before Leaving Dakota travels across the pond to stops in Europe and beyond.

Bang! Arts Promotions and Management‘s intern extraordinaire, Lena Kotler will take on the Atlanta stop of Leaving Dakota’s worldwide tour at MINT Gallery in conjunction with their Exquisite exhibition for a surrealist tea party extravaganza. To help with this endeavor she’s invited special guests Cafe Campesino and their wonderful organic creations, along with the stunning body art of Stephanie Anderson (Neon Body Armor) who will paint living statues live during the event, all to to the music of, George Wallace from local Atlanta favorite “A Fight To The Death” with special guest Ben Holst!

For one brief day, audiences will be invited into a world where linear story-telling is left behind and life becomes a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” fantasy.

What story will you tell?

MINT Gallery
145B Sampson Street
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 946-8982

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