Hans Godo Fräbel at Fräbel

The Fräbel Studio & Gallery located in Midtown will host its Annual Open House event. Established in 1968 and still remains nestled in the Berkeley Park neighborhood in the Midtown West district, this hidden treasure of Atlanta will host a night of celebration after undergoing a minor facelift of the studio and gallery area. The 2011 Open House gala will feature a preview of the Natural Surroundings exhibit, which showcases the exquisite glass compositions once part of Fräbel’s nationwide traveling botanical exhibition.

Sponsored by ABSOLUT Vodka and the Fräbel Art Foundation, the night will be filled with hors d’oeurvres, an ABSOLUT cocktail tasting, paired along with Fräbel’s featured ABSOLUT sculptures created between 1987 and the early 90s when Fräbel was honored and recognized as an ABSOLUT artist with other reputable artists such as, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. The archived glass sculptures, which were once utilized as images for ABSOLUT’s marketing campaigns will only be available for public viewing during time of event.

“He is one of the godfathers of the glass art movement… both commercial and expressionistic. A lot of us glass artists will try to follow his lead. Unfortunately, very few of us will make it. It’s because of the Fräbel Art Foundation I’m here making a footprint in the glass art movement.” – Magnum Mankang, glass artist, Penland School of Art

Fräbel Studio
689 Antone St NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

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