Paper Twins at Get This!

Get This! Gallery presents the exhibition Gone With the Twins, by the Atlanta based female street art duo, Paper Twins. This will be their first exhibition with Get This!

Working under the aliases Edgar and Nica, the Paper Twins have provided this exhibition statement below.

“Edgar and Nica met in Atlanta when they started working in the same coffee shop. Their friendship was sudden, influenced by their love of art and music and new things. Having different backgrounds, they became infatuated with each other’s cultures, sharing music and films and spending long nights telling each other stories. Little did they know that these stories were the stepping stones (seedlings) of a new body of work.

¡The south!

Oh man oh man; they both came from the south… Two different souths, in two different hemispheres, but so similar indeed.

They soon realized that since they had been working in anonymity, making work about their cultures could be a way to establish a more personal connection with their audience. They began to research, digging up old photos, calling on aunts and uncles for stories, traveling to their places of origin and gathering as much information as they could. They found that although they had different stories, their stories had similar aspects, which at times wove together and created overlapping narratives.

Their processes of making were influenced by their research, challenging them to work with new materials. Wood, sand, sound, grain, grass… They used everything they could to coax these stories and memories to come alive again. But memories will never come alive again. Don’t be fooled; experiences and stories are distorted with time and after the years you end up telling your stories the way you want to remember them, romanticizing hardship, chuckling at deep-rooted superstitions and seeing the past through affection-tinted eyes. Everyone has stories. Edgar and Nica hope you will come away from this night thinking about your own past and that you may for a moment be attentive to the power of memories. Tomorrow this night will be a memory to you and who knows what you will make of it.

Edgar received her B.F.A. from the Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland and Nica studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. They were the recipients of an Art on the BeltLine grant in 2010. The Paper Twins have also appeared on MTV’s G.Y.T. video campaign and were also part of the The Underbelly Project in New York, NY. Their exhibition, Here We Hide was voted Reader’s pick: Best Art Exhibit in the Creative Loafing’s Best Of 2010.”

Through July 2.

Get This! Gallery
662 11th Street NW
Atlanta GA, 30318

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