Paul Hagedorn at Tongue & Groove

Tongue and Groove presents Buckhead Lives, a special event and photo exhibit featuring the work of well known Atlanta photographer and philanthropist Paul Hagedorn. For one night only, the iconic Atlanta nightlife institution will showcase a series of photographs taken by Hagedorn that capture the 2006 demolition of the legendary Buckhead nightlife district, which also marked the end of an era. In addition to the exhibit, Tongue and Groove is infusing the night with nostalgic reminders and fun tributes to the glory days of Buckhead partying including fantastic DJs; LuLu Bait Shack’s infamous liquor-filled fish bowls; Mako’s beautiful swing girl; The Lodge’s never ending popcorn supply; Uranus’ bubble machine; and more.

Hagedorn’s Buckhead Lives exhibit hits close to home with Tongue and Groove owners and nightlife impresarios Michael Krohngold and Scott Strumlauf. Opening its doors in 1994, the original Tongue and Groove is among the notorious bars that lined Peachtree Street that were excised to make way for Ben Carter’s luxury retail and mixed-use development, The Streets of Buckhead. Marked for tear down, seemingly overnight, while investors came in, bars like Tongue and Groove, Fado, Lulu’s Bait Shack and Village Grill were to be replaced by upscale retail stores like Hermes and Oscar De La Renta; in turn, supplanting the decades old mecca for Buckhead partying. Driving by the development area daily and watching fences go up and bulldozers go in, Hagedorn decided he had to enter this history.

“People move so fast to bulldoze and build,” says Hagedorn. “There are stories in all these places; I saw gold in the garbage and filth, so I jumped over the fence with my Hasselblad. I was arrested, but Ben Carter saved me and gave me a hard hat and a pass to photograph at will.”

Re-opening in 2008 in Lindbergh City Center in Buckhead, the new Tongue and Groove continues its steadfast tradition of delivering a lasting, world-class nightlife experience. The 8,600 square-foot venue will showcase a curated selection from Hagerdorn’s working series, Buckhead Lives. The series, shot using natural light, documents the now lost cultural landmarks, the remains of the last big blow out parties in the bars, the trinkets left by customers, the booths, signage, and advertising everyone remembers. The exhibit will also feature a looped slideshow of the entire 50-shot series throughout the venue on video projectors.

Tongue and Groove
565 Main Street
Atlanta, Ga.

In Lindbergh City Center, just off Piedmont Road in Buckhead.

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