Stephanie Blair, Stacey Page at Young Blood

Textile, fabric, and mixed media artists Stephanie Blair and Stacey Page bring their intricate work to Young Blood Gallery for Crossbred Thread/Ego and Memory, a show that explores the topics of heritage, history, and personal identity. Page and Blair each have a unique aesthetic sensibility that merges their contemporary voice with influences of folk art.

Athens native Stephanie Blair received her Masters of Fine Arts in Fabric Design from University of Georgia. Blair has described her heritage as “half hillbilly, half Mexican” and her work explores the ties between identity, family, and a larger sense of history. Her fiber work is at first glance lovely and intriguing, but looking closer one will see the work’s dark, raw quality- certainly not decorative.

Stacey Page is an Atlanta artist who takes an almost sculptural approach to her fabric and embroidery art- building up thick skeins of texture and color, sewing on photos, memorabilia, or found objects- a technique that seems a natural complement to her actual sculpture work with figures and ceramic heads.

Young Blood Gallery & Boutique
636 N. Highland Ave.
Atlanta, Ga. 30306

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