Scott Dupree at Blue Mark

Blue Mark Studios located in west Midtown Atlanta will host an art exhibit opening featuring original works by Scott Dupree. “We are really pleased to be showing Scott Dupree’s art this summer in our Gallery. Scott’s work is always thought provoking, interesting and a pleasure to view. We are excited for ‘Agency & Structure’ and invite art lovers and enthusiasts to join us at the opening reception early next month.” states Bryan Seay, the owner of The Gallery at Blue Mark Studios.

Scott Dupree, the artist, states “This series of paintings are both physical evidence and theoretical examples of the power a person can utilize to define oneself despite the limiting forces which are ultimately beyond their control; human agency trumps structure. Agency is the unique human ability to make and act upon choices, whereas structure is the combination of conditions surrounding us which influence and seek to define us. It inspires me that through the arts, every person can willfully reach beyond who they are and become whatever they want to be.”

He continues, ”Some of the artwork incorporate historical references (all researched and true), others are more like analogies for the human condition using anthropomorphism, d.i.y. theatric costuming, and parable situations. There will be at least one painting that has been realized into an interactive-kinetic -sculpture -costume and will be paired with the actual painting which inspired it another common theme is about living life as well as a person can imagine, without the constraints of reality to limit them, through play-acting, illustration, poetry, photography, d.i.y. lifestyles, and so on. Many of the ideas have been inspired by my experiences in prop based improvisational theatre, where our troupe would create entire narratives out of found artifacts, scrap wood, spray paint and piece-meal costuming.”

Blue Mark Studios
892 Jefferson St.
Atlanta, Ga. 30318


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