Living Walls, The City Speaks

The artwork of international and national street artists will transform the cities of Atlanta, GA and Albany, NY as part of a coordinated effort to engage the public through street art. Living Walls, The City Speaks, a conference on street art and urbanism, is set to take place in Atlanta on the weekend of August 12, 2011 and in Albany, NY on the weekend of September 16, 2011.

[I spoke with Joshua Rackliffe of Living Walls in August to preview the 2011 event, here you go.]

The organizers have announced an international call for artists to submit posters to two locations. These posters will be displayed in the public spaces around Atlanta and Albany and within the gallery exhibit during the event. Living Walls, The City Speaks had its inaugural conference in Atlanta in 2010. The gathering instigated a much-needed public dialogue about urbanism and showcased murals by renowned artists from around the world. The success of the event made it possible for both Atlanta and Albany to host the event in 2011, with innovative artists and renewed perspectives to stimulate the ongoing conversation.

The conference will be split into two components, a gallery show and a lecture series, aimed to create a platform for dialogue about public space in the midst of development. In the spirit of the event, Living Walls will remain free of charge and open to participation. Destined to be a thought-provoking event, Living Walls in its truest sense is a grassroots colloquium recognizing that local people’s perspectives need to be heard on these issues.

This year, the conferences in both Atlanta and Albany boast an outstanding selection of international artists. Building on the success from the year before, Atlanta’s urban landscape will continue its trajectory toward becoming a prominent city for street art by bringing in artists such as Escif, Sam3 and Roa. Living Walls in Albany will provide a platform for local people to redefine the use of public space through street art.

In its second round, Living Walls sticks to its mission to broadcast a wide spectrum of ideas about public space to our communities and attendees. Our purpose is to expose attendees to a continuum of ideas concerning the public space, and we intend for everyone to leave the event with fervor to interact with the city and its walls. Furthermore, we hope to make the people of Atlanta and Albany aware that they share challenges with urban dwellers across the globe. More information for the event in Atlanta and Albany, along with a list of artists and speakers confirmed, can be found at and, respectively.


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