Maxine Youngblood at ATHICA

ATHICA hosts their first Resident Studio exhibit; thirty oil paintings by longtime painter Maxine Youngblood, who started creating art in 1989 at the age of 52.  The exhibit runs from June 25 to July 24, 2011.

The works in the exhibit are colorful, passionate and deeply reminiscent of German Expressionism, as well as painters such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, James Ensor, Max Beckman, A.R. Penck and Abstract Expressionists such as Willem DeKooning and Franz Kline.

The vast majority of the works selected by curator Lizzie Zucker-Saltz & Assistant Curator Ashley Westpheling are figurative with many reference pop icons such as Elvis, Marilyn & Donald Trump, while others portray local artists, performers, models and writers, such as performer Deonna Mann, artist Katie Walker, fellow resident studio denizen photographer Peter Frey. The dates of the works range from the mid 1990’s to 2009, with one deeply emotional large-scale work portraying O.J. Simpson’s mother at his trial in 1995 and another depicting a 1990’s New York City, West Village Halloween scene with yet another Marilyn reference.

Youngblood is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art with her MFA in 1997. The influence of Jim Herbert is strong and evident in these works. She is also is indebted as well to Lamar Dodd School of Art Professors Art Rosenbaum, Judith McWillie, Bill Paul & Larry Millard and Horace Farlowe, Ollie Olsen. A lifetime Georgia resident she is married to Jim Youngblood, and has one daughter, Kathryn Minotto, who is depicted in one painting. As well as an artist she has had myriad careers, including working in Real Estate, as a buyer for Rich’s, and a teacher for Atlanta city schools for five years. She is in her third year of a doctorate program at Argosy university of Sarasota, in Educational Leadership in Higher Education. She also sites an independent study and subsequent friendship with New York artist Chuck Hinman as a significant to her artistic development.

June 25 – July 24, 2011

Opening Reception
Saturday, July 9, 7-9 p.m.

Walk & Talk
Discuss the works in the exhibition informally with Curator Lizzie Zucker-Saltz, Assistant Curator Ashley Westpheling, and Artist Maxine Youngblood.
Thursday, July 14
7-8 p.m.

Closing Reception
Artist and Curators Panel Discussion and other events TBA
Sunday, July 24
4 p.m.

ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art
160 Tracy Street, Unit 4
Athens, GA 30601 USA

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