“Small Pieces, Loosely Joined” at Kiang

The title of this group exhibition, curated by Karen Tauches, refers to David Weinberger’s unified theory of the web.

Internet culture has undoubtedly affected how we gather and connect nuggets of information. No longer are we bound to particular chronologies. Artists have been known to use loosely associated images and information to gesture abstractly toward a concept. This exhibition illustrates the fluidity of connections both in the content of individual works and in the style in which it is presented. Weinberger states that “by removing the central control points, the Web enabled a self-organizing, self-stimulated growth of contents and links on a scale the world has literally never before experienced.” He continues that, “The Web has blown documents apart. It treats tightly bound volumes like a collection of ideas. . . The reader can consult in the order she or he wants, regardless of the author’s intentions.”

“Small Pieces, Loosely Joined” has noted that tightly-bound articles are now ripped into pieces and thrown into the air. As we continue to practice information gathering that is less linear, we learn to accept and digest content in loosely associative clusters and interchangeable, floating fragments.

Artists: Marc Brotherton, Karen Brummund, Carolyn Carr, Inkyoung Chun, Amandine Drouet, Annette Gates, Hollis Hildebrand-Mills, Judy Rushin, Ben Steele, Christian Bradley West, Jan Vormann, Stan Woodard

Through July 30.

Kiang Gallery
1011-A Marietta Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30318 USA
404. 892. 5477
info @ kiang-gallery.com

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