Marcia Vaitsman at Solomon Projects

Solomon Projects presents “Study of Strange Things” – a body of new work by Atlanta-based artist Marcia Vaitsman. The exhibition will include camera-based photography, photograms, an installation of lightboxes, and three videos for which the artist has co-composed the soundtrack.

Study of Strange Things was created from what Vaitsman calls proto-images, images that are ephemeral or “thin” because they do not exist in her mind as full-frame photographs but as fragments of information, doubtful memories, or obscure sensations. To preserve this ephemeral condition, she uses such domestic materials as ice, chocolate, eggs, meat, wax, salt, milk, or starch; or such biological by-products as hair or wool. Study of Strange Things is related to the tradition of grouping images, as in the Tarot, the Stations of the Cross, stamp collections, photo albums, and even cinematography, which articulate fragments of meaning in order to describe complex situations. This series shows a private, ancestral imagery and therefore describes parts of Vaitsman’s mind that sometimes seem foreign, even to her.

Marcia Vaitsman, born in Brazil, studied media science, art and photography at Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil; Kunsthochschule fuer Medien KHM, Germany; and SCAD, Atlanta. Vaitsman who is currently part of the studio artist program at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center has projects awarded and/or sponsored by the Sao Paulo Biennial Foundation; UNESCO-Ashberg, France; Ministry of Culture, Brazil; IAMAS, Japan; Prince Claus Fund, The Netherlands, among others. Her work has been shown in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Through Sept. 24.

Solomon Projects
1037 Monroe Drive Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30306-3664
(404) 875-7100

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