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This Is Us Versus: Your Delicate Fucking Sensibilities” : Atlanta artists wage war against boring art shows.

“What started as a whisper quietly shared under the breath of artists across this city has become a battle cry. Our pigment is war paint, our brushes are weapons. This Is Us Versus will challenge the arts in Atlanta and push them to the breaking point, turning artists who couldn’t find a wall to hang on last month into juggernauts.” – Æsthetic Cataclysm on This Is Us Versus

The revolution will be destigmatized. This Is Us Versus pulls back the curtain on Atlanta’s underground art scene to showcase dark, surreal, deeply offensive, overtly sexual, visionary, and low-brow work from its growing army of artists. The exhibition marks a comeback one year in the making for This Is Us Versus and its efforts to empower artists.

This Is Us Versus: Your Delicate Fucking Sensibilities is an immersive group art exhibition that centers on work that falls far outside of the limited scope of Atlanta gallery representation due to content, subject matter, style, and artist status. Featuring new work from almost two dozen local artists, This Is Us Versus: Your Delicate Fucking Sensibilities will be the largest and most tightly curated exhibition that This Is Us Versus has organized.

“We knew after spending some time in the art scenes of other major cities that Atlanta was no better than when we did the last show a year ago, despite the attention our efforts received,” says This Is Us Versus co-founder E. Marston. “I had our new art director and promoter come all the way to LA to completely restructure this group and our approach with me. We knew that we couldn’t pull any more punches, and that we had to go big or go home. There is a high demand for the work we want to show, for fair treatment of artists by galleries that is entirely unfulfilled.”

“As soon as this show was announced, the response from previous fans and artists involved with This Is Us Versus was so overwhelming that we are already planning two more shows just to deal with the overflow from this one,” art director and promoter Æsthetic Cataclysm adds. “Each exhibition has its scope trained on the obstacles these local artists face from galleries, from our culture, from other art collectives. We’ll let them put issues nobody else is willing to discuss in the crosshairs. This Is Us Versus will pull the trigger.”

This Is Us Versus: Your Delicate Fucking Sensibilities will feature new work and collaborations from: SMILE, E. Marston, Rawtch, Æsthetic Cataclysm, UMKA, Emer, Chuk Vinson, Danny Simanjaya, Lars The Machine, Meg Has Issues, Marcus Miles Davis of Massive Burn Studios, Katie Stockton, Charity “Fools and False Gods” Lindop, Will Holland, Christine Vineyard, Jolene Wheeler, Joe Rice, Rod “Killamari” Ben, Monica Ellis, Spencer Murrill, Lauren Holmes, Loup’Rah, and Brandon Sadler.

205 Holtzclaw Street NE
Atlanta GA 30316

$5 min donation to This Is Us Versus at the door 21+ FREE DRINKS (BYOB ENCOURAGED)

Art Raffle and auction, Blacklight Baptisms and sexy neon finger painting with hot models!

SyL-O and Minky Boodle spinning offensive tunes all night, and a Dominatrix because we know you’ve been so bad!

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