Emily Maxwell at MINT

“Informaladies,” new work from Emily Maxwell, is at MINT Gallery from August 20-Sept. 11.

“As a body of work, Informaladies is, by-and-large, me-centric, addressing the specific comforts, fears, pleasures and questions I derive from everyday life. Weaving together bland observations, aspects of popular culture, family lore, and matters of personal health, Informaladies functions as a formerly private personal lexicon now laid bare.

One may assume that by sharing my specific narrative I presume it to be exceptional. This is not the case. Rather, in exploring my own ordinariness and putting my concerns under the microscope, I hope to initiate a more general discussion about self-scrutiny and why we love what we love.

While my interests and obsessions are my own, the need for them and the pleasure derived from them is perhaps something more universal. I don’t claim to be the first person to have loved a song, to have wrestled with vice, or to have had an alarming dream. Instead, I seek to address these common themes in my own way, embrace the clichés inherent to them, and personally invite the viewer to do the same.”

MINT Gallery
145B Sampson Street
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 946-8982

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