Micah Stansell at MOCA GA

2010/2011 Working Artist Project winner Micah Stansell, “The Water and the Blood,” is at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia through Dec. 3, 2011.

Micah Stansell is an Atlanta-based video/filmmaker and installation artist. He received an MFA in Digital Filmmaking from Georgia State University. His work has screened in galleries and film festivals across the Unites States and as far away as Beijing, China. Stansell has also worked as a cinematographer with artists on projects and installations that have been exhibited locally and internationally. A multi-channel video installation entitled Presynaptic Potential was shown at Le Flash Atlanta 2009 and at MOCA GA in 2010. A multi-screen installation called “Between You and Me” was featured as the centerpiece of Atlanta’s FLUX 2010.

Stansell has received several awards for his work, and has been featured in numerous film festivals, including, the Atlanta Film Festival, Next-Frame Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, and the Austin Film Festival. The artist says of his work, “Most of my work is structured around ideas of relationships or pairings (such as memory/history, man/woman, urban/rural, past/present)…how these pairings are simultaneously opposite and complement. But there is also a narrative and exploration of the vestiges of interpersonal interaction in a technologically mediated world”. WAP Studio Assistants: Stephen Calsbeek & Chris Escobar.

Stansell will give an artist talk at MOCA GA on Sept. 15, beginning with a reception at 6:30 p.m.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
75 Bennett Street, Suite A-2
Atlanta, GA 30309

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