“Elements” at One Twelve

One Twelve Gallery in the Stove Works of Inman Park presents “Elements,” depictions of earth, wind, fire and water in various media.

Atlanta-based artist Liana Repass received her BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 2005 and has received numerous accolades as a young artist to watch. The artist’s images of water surfaces reflect her interest in patterns and the metaphorical implications of bodies of water. Repass’ water images convey a sense of stillness within motion, a theme that carries over into her work as an acrobat and aerialist.

Sculptor Patrick Toups was born in New Orleans, raised in North Carolina, and currently lives in Atlanta. Toups became interested in the foundry process and iron casting while studying sculpture at East Carolina University and later at Georgia State. Fire is essential to Toups’ process of creating, and he is constantly exploring new methods and materials. Says Toups about his work, “I let my material dictate what the sculpture wants to be. There is no forcing it to happen, just a relationship to how I work with it as it manifests itself.”

Photographer and artist Nathan Bailey finds inspiration in both the natural and man-made world. Much of Bailey’s photography is abstract, focusing on shapes, shadows and patterns. Whether it’s a detail on a weathered stone sculpture, a shadow falling across a rock, or a raindrop clinging to a tree branch, Bailey’s images capture the intimate beauty of the world that surrounds us.

Atlanta artist Melanie Rolfes Leonard utilizes a variety of materials—acrylic, oils, wood, fabric, metal—to create abstract works in which color plays a central role. Though her pieces don’t depict recognizable scenes or objects, her exuberant use of color undoubtedly lends itself to the idea of the elements. A swirl of fiery red brings flames to mind, while a canvas dappled with tones of blue and gray could be interpreted as the surface of a body of water. But ultimately, as with all abstract art, it is up to the viewer to decide what he or she sees and feels.

One Twelve Gallery
112 Krog Street, Suite 5
(at Stove Works Lofts, inside City Church Eastside)
Atlanta, Ga. 30307

For more information, visit onetwelvegallery.com.

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