Stephen Dabrowski in Carrollton

Stephen Dabrowski‘s “Disconnected” exhibition of oil paintings and fused glass will be on display at Carrollton Cultural Arts Center thru Sept. 30. Dabrowski’s works in oils are a powerful and unique inward look at the society in which we live, using a multitude of elements such as bricks, chains, faces, etc. to touch on the workings of our inner psyche. His fused glass features hidden shades of color and textures to only be revealed in different lighting environments. Previously exhibited in Europe, this will be his first exhibition in the U.S. . Come see his full collection before parts of it are moved to San Francisco!

Carrollton Cultural Arts Center
251 Alabama Street
Carrollton, Ga.
(770) 838-1083

One thought on “Stephen Dabrowski in Carrollton

  1. I experienced this exhibit. It’s amazing! Every piece sends you into your own mind for exploration. Each painting can tell you something about your own life. The fused glass is just amazing. Unique and beautiful!

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