Marshall Davis, Didi Dunphy at Sandler Hudson

Sandler Hudson Gallery exhibits “Recent Work” by Marshall Davis and Didi Dunphy’s “Cross Stitch” in a two person show.

Marshall Davis uses the words, “Good honest quality work” to describe Recent Work. Recent Work is the projective geometry of hoarding. Davis uses items such as windows, fences, railings, grates and other found objects to create his body of work.

“Cross Stitch” is an exhibit of works by Didi Dunphy. Each of the works is indeed a cross stitch embroidery with a design of a QR scan. Each QR Scan is linked to a web address that holds its own video work. You can view the video works by downloading any of the free apps on your smart phone and “photographing” or rather “scanning” the embroidery. After the embroidery is scanned the video will pop up on your phone screen. If you do not have a phone that is able to do this, then make a new friend and look over their shoulder!

Through Oct. 15.

Sandler Hudson Gallery
1009-A Marietta St. NW
Atlanta GA 30318

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