“supra + natura” at MINT

September 9th, 2011 Jason Parker Posted in Event, Group Show No Comments »

“Supra + natura” presents six mini-installations that directly explore or allude to the supernatural in the most open sense of the term. Curator Rebecca Hanna wanted to open the conversation to include the idea that the supernatural may be “part of a larger nature.”

According to this view, held by process theorists, “supernatural” is not merely attributed to magic or religious experience, nor does it imply that a mystery is infinitely unsolvable. Instead, the term is applied to parts of nature that modern science and philosophy do not yet properly understand. The artists were asked to consider what is supernatural in their lives and how they reconcile the parts of human experience that are unexplainable and mysterious.

The artists are Truett Dietz, Mike Germon, Jennifer Morris, Jim O’Donnell, Sarah Shipman, and Caroline Worth.

MINT Gallery
145B Sampson Street
Atlanta, GA 30312

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Matt Haffner at Whitespace

September 9th, 2011 Jason Parker Posted in Event, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Photography No Comments »

Whitespace presents “Just Across the Tracks,” Matt Haffner‘s first solo show at whitespace gallery. The exhibition consists of a series of photograph portraits, sound recordings, collage works on paper, and a rotating diorama viewed through a camera obscura. All of the pieces depict life in the space between the city and the suburbs with references to Haffner’s personal experiences.

Talking to strangers is the central theme for the collage of portraits covering an entire wall in whitespace gallery. Haffner sought out his subjects in the streets of Atlanta, engaging with the people around him instead of ignoring those passing by as they made their way through the city. He used an older style camera with large film that took a few minutes to make an image. This afforded him the opportunity to start brief exchanges with these individuals while photographing them. This engagement sometimes opened people up to a conversation and to sharing surprising things about themselves. While taking the portraits, Haffner also made sound recordings that play within the gallery. Hearing the stories that his subjects shared and seeing this huge wall of portraits makes one look for the face that told the story. Haffner considers this the most honest work he has made to date.

Through Oct. 15.

814 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30307

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