Mike Wsol at Solomon Projects

Solomon Projects announces their final exhibition, “Limited Vision,” the highly anticipated exhibition of sculpture by Atlanta-based artist, Mike Wsol. The show will feature new sculptural works complemented by a selection of drawings and studies. Limited Vision will be on view October 22 – November 26, 2011.

Wsol’s artistic practice over the past decade has been a series of investigations regarding how the built environment shapes human identity. In Limited Vision the artist explores this theme through the architecture of World War II concrete bunkers, watchtowers, vaults and subterranean spaces. Wsol’s sculptures consider their materials and construction and how they are at once both permanent and obsolete. The artist plays with the experience of space, engaging the viewer’s curiosity to explore and discover the mental and psychological spaces created by these works. The artist’s creative process begins with the poetic, intuitive process of folding paper into origami-type forms. These shapes became formal exercises for scale, volume and mass of the impeccably crafted sculptures.

The exhibition explores the tension of the forced perspective view through the narrow horizontal slit and small windows punctuating the walls of the sculptures. A bunker-like sculpture takes the form of a armor mask in human scale; A nine foot tower camouflaged in a digital vinyl wrap of trees and nature, articulated by a tiny entry way plays with human scale and the imagination of what it would be like to be inside. Other sculptures allow the viewer limited access to interior stairways and passages – some employing interior lighting that guides the viewer’s experience of the byzantine interior.

Mike Wsol was born near Chicago, IL and lives and works in Atlanta, GA. He recently received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA and holds an additional Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture from University of Georgia, Athens, GA. His work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York, Washington, DC, Nashville and Atlanta. This is his first solo exhibition at Solomon Projects.

Solomon Projects
1037 Monroe Drive
Atlanta, GA 30306


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