“Small Sculptures” at Swan Coach House

The Swan Coach House Gallery and the Forward Arts Foundation open the exhibition “Small Sculptures,” which will focus on the recent work of four talented Georgia sculptors: Rex Brodie, David Landis, Thomas Prochnow and Steve Steinman. Each was invited to create a series of small sculptures that can work in a home or office environment as well as one larger work for outdoor placement.

Rex Brodie recently graduated from SCAD after many years as an educator in furniture design and construction. His craft-based sculptural work reflects of his longtime interest in working with wood and metal but has a freedom of movement that he was not able to express in his previous designs. His abstract sculptures are created with no pre-determined object in mind, allowing the materials and process to dictate the final forms. The end result is work that is emotionally engaging and filled with energetic movement.

Davis Landis’ work is also emotionally engaging and concerns captured movement. His forged metal sculptures depict animals falling, tumbling, tripping and colliding. He sees great beauty within these moments of “loss of control” and by capturing it, he finds a connection to human vitality and frailty. He chooses animals for subjects because of their strong compositional value and for their perceived innocent qualities, which provide a counter balance to the serious nature of the captured moment.

Thomas Prochnow, who was recently seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, is having to return to an earlier method of assembling metal objects to create his pieces. While he is able to alter found scraps of metal to form new sculptural shapes, he has not healed enough to fabricate the pieces originally intended for this show. Nevertheless, the work he was able to create for this exhibition are very creative in their execution and powerful in their intensity.

Steve Steinman has long been a fixture in Atlanta’s art world both as an artist and as a college arts administrator. This latest body of work while both sophisticated and elegant, is a statement on America’s descent into a disposable culture…. a throwaway society of wastefulness and urban sprawl. By incorporating old metal scraps and automobile and machine parts to break up a basic spherical form, the work becomes the artist’s metaphor for “american renewal”.

The Swan Coach House is administered by The Forward Arts Foundation which supports the visual arts community in Atlanta.

Through October 29.

Swan Coach House Gallery
3130 Slaton Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30305

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