Art Relish is Four!

Thank You billboard So yesterday marked four years since the first post on It seems like forever and brand new at the same time. It’s nice to see how much you all value the documentation of Atlanta’s art community. Occasionally I even get recognized as “the Art Relish guy,” which is awesome.

This year has been a big one. After getting a tiny handle on fatherhood, changing day jobs, and finishing my MFA (yay!), I’ve managed to increase both the quantity and quality of the work here. Collaborations with Atlanta Celebrates Photography, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and WonderRoot, among others, have produced strong pieces that grow the reach and scope of Art Relish’s mission to document and promote Atlanta art.

I’ve changed up the format to focus more on the artists and expanded the variety to encompass everything from a quick look at an exhibition to perspective chats with art luminaries to hour-long lectures and artist talks. Art Relish videos are now available in a wide variety of channels, including mobile and TV. Sponsors have come forward to support the site, and I sincerely appreciate their help.

These freely embeddable video stories about Atlanta art and artists expose a worldwide audience to the city’s thriving creative culture. They also create a permanent archive of this moment at this place in an artist’s career. The upward trajectory will continue next year. I’m very proud of the contribution that Art Relish is able to make, and grateful to you all for your continued interest.

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