Kristin Gorell at {Poem 88}

Kristin Gorell’s abstract paintings present her particular distillation of her experience traveling between two very different worlds: her life here in Atlanta where she is an artist and screenwriter comfortably ensconced with her two children in a Midtown bungalow and her life traveling with her husband, Eran, an Israeli writer and film director. While in Israel, Kristin has observed the strange fragility of life in a war zone as well as the transcendent energy of ancient holy sites from the various faiths uniquely present there; it’s a state of tension and wonder all at the same time.

Thus, it is not terribly surprising that her paintings embrace those dichotomies: dark and light passages co- exist with layers of delicate, glittering color. Her paintings have a gusto in gesture reminiscent of Philip Guston simultaneous with a transparency and luminous quality that conjures Odilon Redon. They are experiments — an on-going working out of the push and pull of color, shape and gesture that resists and wants some kind of resolution.

Gorell says about the work, “Each painting is complete in itself but also a part of a larger narrative. Just like in writing a play, there are passages that are dreadfully honest and others added to make it a better tale, more interesting to hear or see. It is not a time-based narrative; there is no beginning, middle, and end. It is story in a different sense, evoking the complexity of experience on many levels, existing in the flux of time. Each painting holds the possibility of different directions…”

Gorell holds masters degrees in both Asian Studies and Fine Art and is also a screenwriter. In 2006, she was a Fellow at the Sundance Writer’s Lab along with Milt Thomas developing the script for “Uncloudy Day.” While at Sundance, she met her husband, Israeli writer and director Eran Merav whose film “Zion and his Brother” was nominated for best Foreign Film at Sundance in 2009.

Through Jan. 21.

1100 Howell Mill Road
Suite A03
Atlanta GA, 30318

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