“OCCUPY: This is What Democracy Looks Like” is a benefit exhibit in support of the OWS movement with works by 99 artists offered for $99, $9.99 & 99 cents. Organized by Tatiana Veneruso with exhibition concepts by ATHICA Artistic Director Lizzie Zucker Saltz.

Saturday, Dec. 17
1-3 p.m.

For grown-up and child activists & artists—all welcome. Simply come to participate: paper & pencils provided…or bring your own preferred media.

Make art side-by-side with your fellow OCCUPY activists & sympathizers to add your thoughtful images to the 99 cent wall, where they will stay for the duration of the exhibit.

PARENTS! OCCUPY your Children… all ages welcome.
Sage Rogers, the ATHICA Education Coordinator will OCCUPY your kids by creating projects with them that may become a part of the exhibition, or if they prefer, they can take their art home with them. -Kids can choose to create flags with their thoughts & images that will be strung together and will hang from the rafters during the exhibition, or to create works for the 99 cents wall.

Saturday, December 17th marks the 3-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and the birthday of Private Manning.

We invite you to attend the opening events for OCCUPY: This is What Democracy Looks Like, and collectively contemplate how the global dialogue has been transformed by the international grassroots, pro-fairness, phenomenon that has been come to be known as the OCCUPY movement.

The 99 artists in this exhibit come from many different walks of life and work in all media: 2D, 3D, video, installation and performance. They are from Athens, GA and well beyond. All have donated works motivated by their desire to do something about the alarming increase in the gap between rich and poor as a result of unfettered capitalism, and that gap’s effect on our democracy’s ability to function as such.

Many of the works are humorous, sardonic, clever and biting, others are poignant, somber and moving.

We applaud artist and exhibit organizer Tatiana Veneruso for bringing ATHICA this exhibit; we are pleased as punch that serendipity shone on the timing.

Veneruso has assembled a truly impressive array of artists many of whom have created political protest pieces specifically for this exhibit, including participatory installation and video, as well as works in traditional media—in short as many approaches and concerns as the 99% the artists strive to express.

Participating Artists:
Addison Adams • Carter Adams • Thomas Adams • Anonymous • Christian Avalon • Jeremy Ayres • Jaclyn Barbarow • Samantha Barton • Taylor Bareford • Caleb Beckwith • Sarah Beckwith • Ed Burmila • Christopher Childs • Melissa Ann Clark • Tobias Cole • Erin Cork • Rose Dasher • Kim Deakins • Laurel Denham • Ella Grace Downs • Jeremy Earnshaw • Gretchen Elsner • Carrie Emerson • Will Eskridge • Ryan Ford • Luke Fields • Aaron Fu • Jason Lee Gimbel • Brock Gordon • Brian Hitselberger • Jeremy Hughes • Alexis Jones • Jasey Jones • Missy Kulik • Liz Ladd • Valerie Matthews • Gael Marie • Dain Marx • Madison McDearis • Jessica Cates Miller • Steven Milsap • Meghan Morris • Christopher Nelms • Jo Nicol • Jill Noble • Michelle Norris • Patric Oldweiler • Jeff Owens • William Palmer • Sandy Parsons • Victor Pivetta • Matthew Pulver • Catherine Rush • Havivah Z. Saltz • Shanwté Sandle • The Sartoris • Noah Saunders • Ashley Schooling • Michael Scoggins • Iris Schaer • Jul Sexton • Dan Smith • Jessica Smith • Sarah Smith • Patrick Spague • Justine Stevens • Erica Strout • Emmanuel Taati • Lauren Traetto • William Urmson • Zuzska Vaclavik • Bethany Varnado • Tatiana Veneruso • Showyn Walton • Mike White • Amanda Willis • Judi Wright… and YOU.

Organizer’s statement:
We are the 99%. This is our collective voice. We have something to show you. This is what democracy looks like…

Inspired by Occupy Wall Street movement, we are coming together to share our stories and raise awareness of a collective dissatisfaction with the socioeconomic state of our country and its increasingly imbalanced distribution of wealth. Alarmingly, our democracy is rapidly losing the capacity to be “for the people, by the people.”

We are harnessing the power of artistic expression as a means of peaceful protest.

A note about the benefit in support of the OWS movement:
All works by the 99 artists will be offered for $99, $9.99 & 99 cents.

The majority of the proceeds will benefit Occupy Wall Street protest organizations, providing support for food, supplies and legal fees.

Transparency – Sustainability Statement:
Some of the proceeds will be shared with any of the artists who opted for a 60-40 split. 10% will be retained to recoup ATHICA’s costs, the hosting non-profit art organization.

Click for an edited transcript of an interview with the Organizer Tatiana Organizer and Lizzie Zucker Saltz, ATHICA Artistic Director.

Through Jan. 8.

ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art Inc.
160 Tracy Street – Unit 4
Athens, GA 30601 USA

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