Venske + Spänle at Marcia Wood

German collaborative duo Venske & Spänle are known internationally for their enigmatic marble sculptures. They return to Marcia Wood Gallery for their fifth Atlanta exhibition with “ATLANTA MYZOT”, introducing the myzot, the latest branch on the growing family tree of the sculptural genealogy that began with the Smoerfs. Myzot’s are characterized by their suspicious movements towards people, objects, architecture, and other trappings of humanity. The artists, who live and work in New York and Munich, began collaborating in 1991 and have developed a worldwide reputation for their enigmatic marble sculptures. Venske & Spänle, in their works, “play with the ability … Continue reading Venske + Spänle at Marcia Wood

Benita Carr at Whitespace

“Morning Sun” is an evolution in Benita Carr’s work that explores the mother/child relationship and the meaning of self within the domestic social structure of home and family. Constructed as narrative tableaus, the photographs depict women and their children in scenes that evoke emotions of desire, doubt and anxiety. Carr’s photographs and videos are informed by the ways in which womanhood and motherhood have been seen, understood and lived across time, especially their representation in art, religion, advertising and family pictures. These themes coupled with the style and symbolism of Mid-Victorian images of interiors and feminine subjects inspire her body … Continue reading Benita Carr at Whitespace

Papercuts at GSU Welch

“Papercuts: A Poetic Interplay of Light and Shadow” Born in Australia, France, Czech Republic, Canada, and the United States, the artists (Jaq Belcher, Béatrice Coron, Michelle Forsyth, Reni Gower, Lenka Konopasek, Lauren Scanlon, and Daniella Woolf) bring a broad range of international perspectives to the contemporary art of paper cutting. Using all manner of tools and paper, the artists create works that range from narrative commentaries to complex structural abstractions. Their works are bold contemporary statements that celebrate the subtle nuance of the artist’s hand through a process that traces its origins to 6th century China. Light, shadow, and color … Continue reading Papercuts at GSU Welch

Katherine Mitchell at MOCA GA

2010/2011 Working Artist Project Winner, Katherine Mitchell “Places of Memory and Dreams” Katherine Mitchell is an Atlanta-based artist, who received a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art and a MFA from the Georgia State University. Mitchell has extensively exhibited in Atlanta, across the United States, and abroad. She has had more than 20 solo exhibitions. In 2005, she had a major solo exhibition at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and in 2006 she had her first museum solo exhibition at Factory/Kunsthalle/Krems in Austria. In 2007, Atlanta City Gallery East, held a retrospective exhibition that spanned 32 years of Mitchell’s … Continue reading Katherine Mitchell at MOCA GA


“OCCUPY: This is What Democracy Looks Like” is a benefit exhibit in support of the OWS movement with works by 99 artists offered for $99, $9.99 & 99 cents. Organized by Tatiana Veneruso with exhibition concepts by ATHICA Artistic Director Lizzie Zucker Saltz. DRAW-IN Saturday, Dec. 17 1-3 p.m. For grown-up and child activists & artists—all welcome. Simply come to participate: paper & pencils provided…or bring your own preferred media. Make art side-by-side with your fellow OCCUPY activists & sympathizers to add your thoughtful images to the 99 cent wall, where they will stay for the duration of the exhibit. … Continue reading OCCUPY at ATHICA