Architects as Artists at Swan Coach House

On Thursday, January 12, The Swan Coach House and The Forward Arts Foundation open the exhibition “Architects as Artists.” This exhibition highlights the work of over 25 Atlanta architects who create art beyond the boundaries of their profession.

“Through the years, I have found that many members of the Atlanta architecture community are wonderful artists, many more than I was able to include in this show”, says Marianne Lambert, Curator of the Swan Coach House Gallery. “Architecture is an exacting, rigorous, and complex discipline that requires technical knowledge, as well as collaboration with clients and other designers. There are those, however, who have the need to express themselves in a more personal way. They are seeking to make a more subjective and emotional response to the everyday world of ideas and subject matter.”

The artists/architects selected for this exhibition work in a range of styles and mediums. Some draw, paint, or sculpt realistically, while others express themselves more abstractly or explore new ideas through digital imagery. It is interesting to see how architecture informs their work, and at the same time how the visual arts offer architects tools to experiment in new directions.

Participating Artists/Architects:

Tristan Al-Haddad, Anthony Ames, John Beres, Alex Carter, Joseph Chomas, Jerry Cooper, Mark Cottle, Harris Dimitropoulos, Richard Diedrich, Mehmet Dogu, Lane Duncan, Margaret Fletcher, Peter Hand, Oscar Harris, Allen Hoss, McLean Jenkins, Lee Kean, Amy Landesberg, Kenneth Lynch, Linda MacArthur, Kemp Mooney, Valentina Custer O’Roark, Peter Pittman, Peter Polites, Seana Reilly, Gernot Riether, Mack Scogin, Tom Ventulett

The Swan Coach House is administered by The Forward Arts Foundation which supports the visual arts community in Atlanta.

Through Feb. 25.

Swan Coach House Gallery
3130 Slaton Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

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