Heather Mcpherson at Get This!

Get This! Gallery presents Atlanta-based artist Heather Mcpherson’s solo exhibition, “shack, shanty, flat.” This will be the artists first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Heather Mcpherson’s first solo exhibition at Get This! Gallery, shack, shanty, flat features multidisciplinary works that look at houses and the possibility of knowing about their occupants by exterior clues. This is a continual focus in Mcpherson’s work. She writes of the work, “Each house has an attribute that becomes the focus and gives us clues about the houses’ inhabitants; sheets hanging on a porch, a pile of logs, a boarded up window, an old car parked in front. In these drawings, as in life, everything is not perfect. Time passes, erodes the paint on a wall, rots the wood on a porch, but there’s beauty and truth in these imperfections. These drawing are of the everyday, the beauty of the passage of time and of people living.”

Heather Mcpherson lives and works in Atlanta, GA. She received a B.F.A. from the the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2005. Her work has been featured on MTV and she was the recipient of a 2010 Art on the BeltLine Grant. She has had exhibitions in Atlanta, Alabama, Spain and Canada. This is her first solo exhibition at Get This! Gallery.

Through Feb. 25.

Get This! Gallery
662 11th Street NW
Atlanta GA, 30318

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