Jared Kelly, Henry Detweiler at MINT

Exploring the ideas of Fred Wilson and Ray Kurzweil – “Meta Quotient,” new work by Jared Kelly and Henry Detweiler, presents our lives in a series of small, absolute packets and asks the user of the installation to connect with these elements vicariously, obfuscating the very process of experience.

The interaction calls on users to reflect on their own personal investment in abundant, ubiquitous technology that has integrated itself into all of our lives. It asks for reflection on societal interactions, the evolution of commerce, organization, media and entertainment, and the definition of trusted repositories of knowledge.

“With the increasingly important role of intelligent machines in all phases of our lives–military, medical, economic and financial, political–it is odd to keep reading articles with titles such as Whatever Happened to Artificial Intelligence? This is a phenomenon that Turing had predicted: that machine intelligence would become so pervasive, so comfortable, and so well integrated into our information-based economy that people would fail even to notice it.” – Ray Kurzweil

Through Feb. 5.

MINT Gallery
145B Sampson Street
Atlanta, GA 30312

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