Katherine Taylor, Shawne Major at Marcia Wood

Marcia Wood Gallery presents the fifth solo exhibition by Atlanta artist Katherine Taylor and the debut exhibition by New Orleans artist Shawne Major.

In Katherine Taylor’s new body of landscape paintings, time, memory and motion are collapsed into a single perspective of the sublime. This is Taylor’s most abstract work to date. She distills the notion of landscape and horizon, arriving at an atmospheric, elemental place that is vivid and hushed with meditative weightlessness and expansive with light.

With “Firmament,” the exhibition’s title, the artist is referring to a nostalgic contemplation of the heavens as a consciousness of ones human relationship with the natural world. In her new work Taylor turns to her interest in essential elements in the landscape that are arranged, aligned, ordered or otherwise engineered so that we separate “water from water”. Specifically the landscapes depict construction sites for homes in high-risk hurricane zones, bridges across large expanses of wetlands, or swimming pools.

In her first Atlanta exhibition, Shawne Major presents assemblage works that are a scandalous carnival of visual and tactile pleasure. After earning her MFA in sculpture at Rutgers and living in New York in the 90’s, Major returned to Louisiana where she grew up, and began making magical compositions of found objects that are about connections to ritual, fetish, and the handmade object.

Acclaimed for their physical and emotional impact, and their eloquence in describing the struggle with chaos, Major’s works are a result of her re-enchantment of the materials from disposable production, and about answering the volumes of discarded consumerist objects with a personal levee against the flow.

Katherine Taylor will give an artist talk at the gallery on Saturday, Feb. 18.

Through March 10.

Marcia Wood Gallery
263 Walker Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

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