Mary Anne Mitchell at Mason Murer

Photographer Mary Anne Mitchell will exhibit her new series of photographs entitled “Poetic Translation” at Mason Murer Fine Art gallery in Atlanta beginning Friday, February 17, with a reception for the artist from 7-10 p.m. The exhibition, Mitchell’s third at the gallery, runs through Saturday, March 31.

With the “Poetic Translation” exhibition, Mitchell explores the artistic juxtaposition of visual and written expression. In this series, Mitchell was inspired by the writings of 19th and 20th Century poets and writers, including, Louisa May Alcott, Hans Christian Anderson, Samuel Beckett, Lewis Carroll, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot and Edwin Muir, among others.

In her photographs, Mitchell portrays her interpretation of the lyricism imbued in the respective author’s poetry and prose verses, which touch upon universal themes such as nature, dreams, identity, loneliness, and spirituality.

She chose the particular selection of literary verses to explore the sensuality of expression, the search for meaning, and the myriad emotional aspects of life, with the aim of creating a moment of shared recognition of life.

Mitchell uses traditional photographic printing techniques to create lith and silver gelatin prints, which are then treated with selenium, and toned to enhance the timeless quality and enigmatic draw of classical verse. The technique of her current work involves using film often manipulating it to achieve a grainy ethereal quality. To enhance the process, she used a variety of photographic papers to further nuance the images.

Mary Anne Mitchell lives in Atlanta, GA has been working as a photographer for more than 25 years. Her previous solo shows at Mason Murer Fine Art include “Altered States” in 2009 and “Reflecting Back” in 2007. The Wells Gallery in Kiawah Island, South Carolina showcased her exhibition entitled “Gothic Mystique” in 2010.

Through March 31.

Mason Murer Fine Art
199 Armour Drive
Atlanta, GA, 30324

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